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Date of publishing:May 06, 2011
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The mission of ARISE is to:

  • Defend and promote the interests of the independent RI research (RIR) sector;
  • Represent the RIR sector – inside and outside Europe - to professional users, public authorities and the SRI community and the general public, by way of direct communication, open dialogue and transparency;
  • Develop, promote and maintain high professional standards, expertise and codes of conduct for the RIR sector;
  • Contribute - where this is in the interest of its Members - to the attainment of the European Union’s aims in the field of CSR/SRI;
  • Provide the EU and EC authorities and institutions and national governments and authorities (including those beyond Europe) with means for ascertaining the quality and integrity of RIR products and services;
  • Strive to present co-ordinated views on appropriate policies and other issues to regulatory bodies, governments and other institutions relevant to the RIR professional sector;
  • Secure international validation and acceptance of the qualifications of RI professionals;
  • Encourage the harmonisation or development of concepts, definitions, norms and standards in the domain of RI and CSR research, if and only when this serves its members and their clientele and when this improves the quality and credibility of the RIR profession;
  • Protect the ownership of the quality standard ARISTA® and its related technical instruments for accountability and verification, to (co)manage its development and to promote it to and within the SRI community;
  • Be a network and venue for exchanging ideas and expertise and for discussion between professionals;
  • Improve co-operation, consultation and collaboration among the members of the association;
  • Collect information and study any matter which concerns its members;
  • Provide services for its members (information, advice, training, …);
  • Cultivate and obtain reciprocal relations with kindred associations whether of a national or an international nature;
  • Organise all activities and other initiatives needed to achieve the objects mentioned above