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Date of publishing:May 06, 2011
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Responsible Investment Research (RIR) organisations from across Europe have come together to form the Association for Responsible Investment Services (ARISE).

The RIR sector continues to expand due to increasing popular interest throughout the world. At the same time pressure on RIR groups to raise quality and be transparent and professional has grown. ARISE, therefore, has been created to develop and promote high professional standards for organisations in the field.

The roots of ARISE go back to 2004, when the AI CSRR - Association for Independent Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility Research - was founded as the first global professional trade association on sector level within the field of responsible investment research. The goal was to carry out the objectives of the European Union: to promote Corporate Social Responsibility throughout Europe, to stimulate convergence, transparency, accountability, objectivity and quality in RI research and to develop a professional quality standard for RI research.

In the fast changing world of RI research, co-operation on a sector level and engagement with companies and asset managers is essential. ARISE aims to develop better tools and understanding and to improve the social impact of SRI. ARISE continues to put transparency, openness and accountability central to the CSR and RI agendas, providing the independent verification the sector requires in order to maintain and enhance its quality and credibility. This is achieved through the management of a voluntary quality standard, ARISTA 3.0®.

ARISE owns and manages ARISTA 3.0® and its related instruments and processes and is responsible for organising the independent, external certification audits.