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Title:THE STANDARD > Copyright
Date of publishing:May 06, 2011
Category:Other content
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THE STANDARD > Copyright

© ARISE asbl, Rue du Progrès 333/7, B-1030 Bruxelles.

All documents and material pertaining to the present Voluntary Quality Standard are the sole copyright of ARISE, the Association for Responsible Investment Services, and they may not be reproduced or used in any way in any medium for any purpose without the express permission of AI CSRR.
These include the Quality Standard ARISTA 3.0®, the Transparency Matrix ARISTA TM 3.0®, the Instruction Manual ARISTA IM 3.0®, the Certification Manual ARISTA CM 3.0® and their earlier and future versions.

The Transparency Matrix is open for internal use by CSR and RIR groups and other research organisations and bodies but any such organisation or body must formally notify in writing ARISE of its intent to so use the Transparency Matrix. ARISE will normally not withhold its consent for such a usage.

Any research organisation or other bodies that wishes to utilise the quality standard or its instruments or processes, either for certification, verification or any other external use must do so only with the express permission of ARISE and only if such a body agrees to abide by the conditions laid down by ARISE.
These include the requirement that the body enters into a contract with ARISE to abide by the same rules and conditions as already agreed to by existing ARISE members and/or other bodies which are seeking to have their research methodology(ies) certified according to the quality standard or their Transparency Matrix(ces) verified by an accredited auditor. In addition a fee must be paid to ARISE for certification.

Certification can only be done by the ARISE's Certification Council. Any other act will render the use of the quality standard null and void. Any breach of these conditions which are not immediately remedied upon notification by ARISE to the offending body will result in ARISE publicly stating on its website and wherever, whenever and however it deems appropriate that the offending body has not been certified in accordance with ARISTA 3.0® and that it has no right to claim to any extent whatsoever that it has been so certified nor that is has the right to make reference to meeting the requirements of the Voluntary Quality Standard or any of its accompanying documents.