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Date of publishing:May 06, 2011
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ARISTA TM 3.0®, the Transparency Matrix (TM) has been developed both as an instrument of transparency and as a proof of conformity with the RI research quality standard, ARISTA 3.0®.

Signatories of ARISTA 3.0® are bound to comply or are in the process of complying with ARISTA 3.0®. They foster the highest standards on transparency and accountability. ARISTA requires every auditee to fill out a Transparency Matrix that reflects all information and verifiable statements about  the conformity of the research group with the principles, requirements and guidelines of ARISTA 3.0® in a comprehensive and transparent way.

The TM indicates the specificities, specialities and diversities proper to the RI research groups’ methodologies and processes, and thus serves as an excellent calibrated instrument of comparison for professional users. The TM was developed for disclosure and accountability reasons and each RI research group should define who its ‘professional customers’ are.

The Transparency Matrices are updated on a yearly basis and disclosed on the ARISTA website.

Download ARISTA TM 3.0®  (125 kB), English version


Audited TM's

New Transparency Matrices issued in 2015


Guidance documents

The Instruction Manual ARISTA IM 3.0® is a guidance document for signatories of ARISTA 3.0®, explaining and detailing the concepts, terms and interpretations of the ARISTA 3.0® and ARISTA TM 3.0® documents. It also contains the detailed rules and instructions to fill in the ARISTA TM 3.0® Transparency Matrix. This Reading Manual is derived from the IM and summarises how the Transparency Matrix needs to be read.


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