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Date of publishing:May 06, 2011
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ARISTA 3.0® has been developed in response to the demands from global investors and companies for Responsible Investment Research (RIR) Groups to incorporate the key principles of quality, integrity, transparency and accountability into their research processes.

ARISTA 3.0® has been drawn up with the objective of promoting confidence in Responsible Investment Research Groups and to answer the criticism that research groups seek transparency and accountability from companies and investors whilst not always being that open themselves.

Compared to its predecessor, CSRR-QS 2.1®, ARISTA 3.0® has a broader scope of certification and covers a much wider range of RI services and products. The standard uses a fully transparent methodology and calibrated and comparable assessment tools, each of which have been expanded to reflect the broader range of RI products now available.



The standard aims to:

  • stimulate quality, integrity and the transparency within the field of RI research;
  • encourage research groups to embrace organisational structures that ensure their independence, objectivity and professionalism;
  • stimulate RI research to adopt thorough quality management systems and foster continuous improvement;
  • increase accountability through the implementation of audit, assurance and verifiability mechanisms.

On a longer term, ARISTA 3.0® aims to incorporate other RI methodologies, services and products. The ultimate goal is to develop a sound product quality assurance for consumers and professionals.



ARISTA 3.0® is a Voluntary Quality Standard comprising guidelines and rules, commitments and verifiable evidence of the transparency, quality, accountability and verifiability of the processes involved in Responsible Investing Research.

ARISTA 3.0® is a demanding standard with a formalised audit method encompassing all the functions of the research group, from researching, analysing, evaluating, rating, ranking and screening over risks and opportunities assessments, to all related products, processes, work procedures and services and subsequent reporting to customers and other stakeholders. Thus it covers all aspects of RI research, including the organisational and managerial aspects of the research group, its analytical processes and the details of its assessment methods.



Although the standard originated in Europe, ARISTA 3.0® is an open standard available to all RI research groups from around the world that meet the certification criteria. International RIR Groups are encouraged to apply for ARISTA 3.0® certification.


More information

  • Take a look at the Voluntary Quality Standard itself, to discover in detail the underlying commitments and ethical prinicples to comply with.
  • Would you like to know more about the requirements and the impact of certification against  ARISTA 3.0®, please read the audit procedures, quotes and testimonials of auditees.
  • Are you looking for detailed information about the different methodologies and quality management systems applied by the certified RI research groups, please take a look at the Transparency Matrices of the auditees.
  • The issued certificates provide details about the RIR group that obtained the certification and about the methodology, products and regions that are covered.