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Title:THE PROJECT > process
Date of publishing:May 06, 2011
Category:Other content
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THE PROJECT > process

Stage 1: 2002-2003

A. Drafting the standard

16 RIR Groups, 4 Working Groups:
WG1: Verifiable Indicators
WG2: Quality Procedures
WG3: Integrity Rules

Actor: RIR Groups

B. Improving the standard

Discussion on:
- Standard Requirements
- Transparency Matrix
Expert consultation
Feedback processes + conclusions

Actor: RIR Groups


Stage 2: 2004-2007

A. Piloting the standard

Pilot version of CSRR-TM 1.0®
Internal pilots within AI CSRR participants.
Feedback + redrafted
CSRR-QS 1.1® / CSRR-TM 1.1® / CSRR-IM 1.1®

Actor: AI CSRR Participants

B. Stakeholder consultation

Information + consultation format
Stakeholder selection + regional
In depth interview of 25 key stakeholders
6 regional roundtables
Synthesis, recommendations, report

Actor: AI CSRR

C. Set-up verification process

Documentary review
Construction of Verification Checklist
Construction of Certification Manual
Two pilot audits
Final Certification Manual

Actor: Audit Institution (with AI CSRR)

D. Dissemination

Publishing the full CSRR-QS® series
Press and news release
Website (different languages)
Public relations

Actor: AI CSRR


Stage 3: 2007-2010

A. Audit and verification

Individual RIR Group guidance
Initial audit
Main audit
Certification report

Actor: individual RIR Groups

B. Follow-up

Announcement of certifications
State of the art communications
Feedback and possible reviews
Disseminating the standard worldwide

Actor: AI CSRR


Stage 4: 2011-2012

A. Re-positioning the quality standard in the market

Review of the names of trade association and quality standard Responsible Investment Research vs. Corporate Social Responsibility Research
Need to enlargen the scope of the quality standard
10th birthday of the quality standard

Actor: ARISE

B. Re-launch of the quality standard

New names ARISE (trade association) and ARISTA® (quality standard)
Strengthened focus on Responsible Investment Research
Broadening the scope towards Derived methodologies, services and products
Role of the quality standard in international regulatory frameworks and RFP's
Updated Transparency Matrix template

Actor: ARISE


OUTPUT: ARISTA® Deliverables by ARISE

1. General declaration of principles“The Eleven Commitments”
2. Verifiable Standard: “ARISTA QS 3.0®
3. Transparency Matrix: ARISTA TM 3.0®
4. Instruction Manual: ARISTA IM 3.0®