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Title:THE PROJECT > Initiation
Date of publishing:May 06, 2011
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THE PROJECT > Initiation

The beginning of the project started with a survey aiming at producing a state-of-the-art-report on the instruments that independent Responsible Investment Research (RIR) Groups have currently in place in order to assure the quality of their research processes.

The focus of the project was the accountability of the RIR processes, including the management of methodology framework, the process standards, the stakeholders’ involvement procedures, the rating process, any control or verification measures and existing integrity rules and knowledge management systems. An extensive questionnaire was developed in order to find out about details on current practice of quality management procedures.

Download the full "Report on the current quality management procedures at CSRR Group”, April 2003.

  • The first version of the quality standard, CSRR-QS 1.0®, and the related Transparency Matrix CSRR-TM 1.0®, have been drawn up by a number of independent CSRR groups as a pilot version, defining the broad requirements and criteria of the quality management of SRI research processes.
  • The second version and CSRR-QS 1.1® and CSRR-TM 1.1® were the result of an intensive and broad internal pilot.
  • The third version, CSRR-QS 2.0® was the result of a European consultation process, supplemented with the advice of professional experts and an external pilot by audit institution (KIWA), a try-out for the certification procedures.
  • The fourth version, CSRR-QS 2.1® was the fine-tuning of all documents and procedures at the time of the phase 1 (surveillance) audit, executed by the auditor (Procuratis cvba).
  • The fifth version, ARISTA 3.0®, is an attempt ro reposition the quality standard in the market with a broadened certification scope and new name. It is the result of an evaluation and update cycle in the course of 2011 and 2012. The renewed quality standard has been re-launched on the 6th of November 2012.

EIRIS, Forum ETHIBEL and imug formed a joint steering group during 2002-2003. As of 2004, the project was led by the trade association AI CSRR asbl, which has been renamed to ARISE and which is currently owning and managing the standard and its related instruments and processes and organising the independent, external certification audits. 

For the complete list of partners during the two phases of the EC project, please refer to Project partners.