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Date of publishing:May 06, 2011
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A pan-European stakeholder consultation was carried out in 2005. This structured feedback process intended to address the needs, concerns and viewpoints of specific stakeholders.

The interest groups could be divided into 4 categories:

  • Group 1: Customers (financial institutions, fund managers, institutional investors, national Social Investment Forums, etc.).
  • Group 2: Corporate stakeholders (industry associations, trade unions, etc.).
  • Group 3: Civil society actors touched by SRI, public administrations.
  • Group 4: Auditors and experts in non-financial rating and accountability.

Due to limited resources, the stakeholder consultation was executed in two formats that were considered to be the most effective:

  • Format 1: 24 interviews with core stakeholders including NGO’s, trade unions, academics, financial experts, clients, companies, SIF's (face-to-face or by telephone).
  • Format 2: 6 regional focus group meetings (UK, Benelux, German speaking countries, France, Scandinavia, Italy).

72 people from 9 European countries were contacted in the stakeholder consultation that took place from July till September 2005.
A variety of experienced CSR/SRI practitioners with different backgrounds contributed with their views to the draft version of the Voluntary Quality Standard and the Transparency Matrix.