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Title:Results of the 2014 certification Round
Date of publishing:April 14, 2014

Results of the 2014 certification Round
April 14, 2014

For the 2014 audit round follow-up audits took place for all currently certified Responsible Investment Research (RIR) Groups. During these off-site audits the RIR Groups' compliance with the quality standard ARISTA 3.0.®  was verified.

The results of the audit round show that Greeneye, CAER, oekom research, Ethifinance,  GES, imug, Vigeo and EIRIS have been found to be in full compliance with the specifications of the standard. As a result, their certificates have been re-approved.

In addition, one new RIR Group has passed the audit against the ARISTA 3.0.®. Consequently, the Certification Council granted a first certificate to Ecovalores.

For more information you are invited to take a look at the new certificate of Ecovalores as well as updated Transparency Matrices for all RIR Groups.

Any questions regarding the issued Certificates, Transparency Matrixes, the certification process and the audits can be sent using the contact form.