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Title:Recertification audits started
Date of publishing:July 29, 2011
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Recertification audits started
July 29, 2011

The first on-site re-certification audits took place this week.

The existing Certificates of the certified groups are expiring in the beginning of next year. Re-certification audits take place this year in order to renew the certificates for another 3 years. The decision whether re-certification is awarded, will be taken by the Certification Council.
A re-certification audit is always an on-site visit during which the CSRR group undergoes a thorough audit procedure. Read some of the testimonials to learn more about the audit procedures and the Standard itself. The audits will result in updated Transparency Matrices, providing full transparency about the methodologies and the research groups. In the table below the audit round schedule is summarised:

CSRR group

On-site visit

GES Poland

July 28+29

Vigeo Brussels

August 01

EthiFinance Paris

August 24-26

Imug Hannover

October 4+5

Eiris London

October 13+14

GES Stockholm

October 31

Vigeo Milan

November 4

Vigeo Paris

November 17+18

Ecodes Zaragoza

November 24+25

Greeneye Israël

November 29+30

Oekom München

December 5-9


December 12-16