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Title:FAQ's > RIR?
Date of publishing:May 06, 2011
Category:Other content
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FAQ's > RIR?

ARISE definition of Responsible Investment Research

RIR, Responsibility Investment Research is research into the areas of corporate impact on the world, while respecting the Quality Principles and Requirements of ARISTA 3.0®.

  • Incorporating the concepts of corporate sustainability and of corporate social responsibility into its methodologies;
  • Looking for some way to discern and possibly award best practices, hence ‘going beyond legal requirements’;
  • Integrating in an operational way those issues/domains that concern all or most groups of stakeholders related to the researched companies;
  • Actively involving stakeholders in the data collection and/or analysis and/or evaluation/rating of companies on a company or sector level.

A RIR Group is the organisation that performs Responsible Investment Research (RIR).