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Title:FAQ's > QMS?
Date of publishing:May 06, 2011
Category:Other content
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FAQ's > QMS?

ARISE definition of a Quality Management System :

A Quality Management System (QMS) can provide a framework in which the complete research process can be undertaken. It is broader than just the detailed process of collecting, analysing and assessing data. A QMS ultimately aims at customer satisfaction and enshrines the principle of continuous improvement. As such, the QMS rules not only imply the RIR process, but all aspects in relation to it: methodology review, marketing, customer relationships, IT requirements, etc.

A full QMS operates at different levels, from the broad policy and objectives to detailed data checks. It also needs to permeate the whole organisation and becomes widely understood, so that those in other parts of the organisation can make appropriate contributions to the development of the QMS and continuous improvement. Staff handling customers’ relationships are obvious cases in point