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Title:FAQ's > RIR Products
Date of publishing:November 05, 2012
Category:Other content
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FAQ's > RIR Products

ARISE definition of RIR Products and Services

A RIR Product or Service is the output of a research and assessment process which is in line with the definition of RIR as described in the FAQ's section. Products and services are classified “Core” or “Derived” to distinguish between outcome resulting from a research or assessment process, which  is either fully in line with and certified against the ARISTA 3.0® Requirements or is in conformity with a subset of the criteria and requirements only.

  • Core: a product/service is considered to be a Core offering, when it results from the full application of the certified RIR process and assessment methodology.
  • Derived: a product/service is considered to be a Derived offering if it results from only a part or a subset of the Core criteria and requirements.