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Title:THE AUDITS > Quotes
Date of publishing:October 25, 2012
Date of archiving:July 19, 2018
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Fouad Benseddik – Director of Methodology and Institutional Relationships of Vigeo

“We welcome the global re-launch of the standard. The ARISTA® certification allows us to hold ourselves accountable on our commitments to sound quality management procedures. This benefits not only ourselves but also all companies under our review, investors who use our research and other stakeholders. Given that our principal activity is to express sound opinions to help decision makers, it is particularly important to have our own methodology and transparency evaluated by an independent third party.”

Emmanuel de la Ville – General Director EthiFinance

“Since our first certification in 2009, the demanding norms of ARISTA® have been an important guide in the continuous improvement of our extra-financial analysis procedures. I encourage all our stakeholders to get to know and to support the values of integrity and transparency that underlie ARISTA®.”

Magnus Furugård – President and Managing Director of GES

“For GES, in-depth and thorough research is the starting point to be able to engage with companies and have fruitful discussions. In a wider perspective, the quality and independence of ESG research is also absolutely vital for both investors and companies as well as for our own industry.  Therefore ARISTA® is essential for us since it contributes to fulfilling our high ambitions.”

Robert Häßler – CEO oekom research

“In answer to the question what the key characteristic of a good sustainability rating is “It’s the quality, stupid” in the style of Bill Clinton’s famous words seems fitting. Our experience acquired over the past decennia tells us that the quality of sustainability ratings rests upon three pillars: the structure of the sustainability rating agency which has to guarantee independence, especially from those issuers under analysis; the design of the rating process with competence, transparency and dialogue as core features; as well as provable positive effects of the sustainability ratings for the investors, the company and society. Over the past few years the ARISTA® quality standard has contributed to raising the market participants’ awareness for the significance and the dimensions of a comprehensive quality management. We are very proud to have been certified as one of the first sustainable rating agencies in 2009 to the ARISE quality standard ARISTA® and we will continue to do our best to fulfil the exigent requirements.”

Park Joowon – CEO KOCSR

“The ARISTA® audit was really helpful to us. Through the audit we realised not only the importance of research data management but also of other parts that are critical for research work, such as Human resources and IT management. We strongly recommend the ARISTA® audit, especially to SME research groups like us. It will give them insight and practical solutions for efficient quality management systems.”

Noga Levtzion Nadan – CEO greeneye

“The ARISTA® auditing process was very beneficial and important process for us as a research company. It assured us, that we have the right structure to produce a high level research for investors, and for a new RI market like in Israel, this qualification standard can assure investors that they can rely on our assessment. The quality standard is especially important for ESG assessments, in order to ensure objectivity and transparency.”

Luisa Montes – CEO Ecovalores

“For Ecovalores Mexico having a quality standard certification of our research is of utmost importance and makes all the difference since we operate in a market where trust is crucial!”

Duncan Patterson – CEO CAER

“The certification process has been really valuable for CAER.  In addition to providing our clients with the assurance that we're providing the best possible research services, it also provides us with a useful set of internal benchmarks for managing client relationships.”

Herwig Peeters – Director of Forum ETHIBEL

“Responsible Investment is not about an on the shelf product, but entails a long value and supply chain reflecting good intentions, integrity, impartiality and an optimal social impact. Forum ETHIBEL supports ARISTA® as the most comprehensive industrial and professional standard in the field.”

Philippe Spicher – CEO Inrate

“Inrate has supported the activities of ARISE since its foundation and has participated with enthusiasm to the development of the ARISTA® standard and its predecessors. The ARISTA® norms already have an important influence on our organization, our methodology and our services. It is likely that we will engage in the certification process soon.”

Silke Stremlau – imug Sustainable Investment

“We appreciate the re-launch of ARISE and ARISTA® very much. In the last years we made a lot of good experiences with the implementation of the standard and profit a lot from the feedback of the auditor. From our point of view transparency, quality, independence and deep ESG research are the main conditions for successful ESG research and for a positive future development of the SRI market. The ESG rating agencies have to stay in the process of continuous improvements.”

Víctor Viñuales – Executive Director ECODES

“ECODES has proudly been a member of ARISE since its inception, convinced of the great value the organization and the ARISTA® standard add to the field of corporate sustainability and responsibility research. We wear our ARISTA® certification as a badge of honour and are convinced that it is absolutely necessary from a coherence standpoint since we expect analysed companies to provide us with rigorous and high quality data about their social, economic and environmental impacts. It is only fair that we ensure that the analysis we engage in using that information is executed with the highest standards of integrity, independence and quality.”

Peter Webster – EIRIS Executive Director

“Quality underpins all of our research here at EIRIS. We welcome the newly-launched ARISTA® standard which we will use us to demonstrate quality across the broader range of product and services we now offer to responsible investors around the world.”